Anchored by Walmart Supercenter
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Title: Anchored by Walmart Supercenter
Expiration date: 2015-05-13

Well, let's keep one 0
Well, let's keep one thing in perspective: Walmart doesn't *make* the food, nor are they the only ones who sell it. They are able to sell it at a lower cost than other stoers because they have a more efficient and cost-effective distribution system.But Walmart can't sell food any cheaper than what it actually costs to produce that food to begin with. The cause of cheap unhealthy food is not Walmart, it's the USDA and all of the subsidies, tariffs, and public policies that promote the overproduction (and overconsumption) of corn, wheat, soy all chief ingredients in processed food, and all of them unhealthy in mass quantities.
2015-10-19 07:32:32
Man, would've been a 0
Man, would've been a bummer going into that near empty first store! lol I'm so glad you were able to find anotehr one and it had the creamer!! I do love the caramel flavored one. =)
2015-10-19 07:37:20